Homak HS30103660 8-Gun Security Cabinet Review

Since they were released, Homak Gun Security Safe’s have been popular. They’ve been shown to hold a good amount of guns whether you are an infrequent or regular hunter. But are their safes a home security option or simply a more way to store your guns?

We took a look at the Homak 8-Gun Security Cabinet to find out more.

Features of the Homak 8-Gun Security Safe

Homak claims to be constructed with some of high grade materials, and each of their safes feature high quality 1.2 mm steel.

Their safes offer different features in regards to capacity, but each model is approved by the California DoJ standards.

Type of Lock

The first 3 sizes of the Homak range employ a traditional lock and key with a 4 point turbine lock. There is no backup system – you can’t use a code or fingerprint in the case you lose the key. The lock itself is tube shaped and strong, bolting in 4 places.

The 14 gun model includes an electronic keypad in combination to this.


Homak offers four different sizes of gun safes – 6 gun, 8 gun, 12 gun and 14 gun capacity.
 With most gun safes actual capacity is usually less than it is claimed to be, but I found the 8 gun safe to be pretty accurate! I fit my rifles inside comfortably with a bit of room to move. There was also shelving to be found on the door and top level.

Shelving differs with capacity, but all safes have some shelving on the door.


You can compare the specifications of each type of safe below.

Gun Capacity Weight Dimensions Steel Thickness Price
Homak HS30103605 6-Gun   50 lb 14" x 10" x 57" 1.2 mm Check

Homak HS30103660 8-Gun

64 lb 21" x 10" x 57" 1.2 mm Check
Homak HS30103630 12-Gun 79 lb 21" x 16-1/8" x 57" 1.2 mm Check
Homak HS20136614 14-Gun 108 lb 21" x 18-1/4" x 57" 1.2 mm Check


It is getting more and more difficult to actually find a gun safe that is “safe.”

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think this is a fantastic safe for home, but not as an overall security solution. For most people the intention when locking up their long range gun really is to keep it away from vulnerable children and those alike. And for this purpose, the safe does a great job!

From the start the safe was incredibly easy to install however it included a few extra pieces of plastic which I didn’t have a clue what to do with at the beginning. I was pretty shocked at just how lightweight this gun safe was. I’m used to seeing a men struggle with them – this one was easily carried by one guy.

The interior is good. I must say that I impressed by how much the 8-gun capacity safe could actually store, but the shelving disappointed me. It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be and so if I had of completely filled the safe I would have had to store ammo elsewhere.

I’ll be straightforward here. This is a fantastic storage option and one of the better ones I’ve seen, but this is what it is. It lives up to the expectations of storage, but I don’t believe it to be the security system it is made out to be.

Sure, this would work well if you want to keep kids away from guns, but it’s not going to keep an intruder at bay if they know what they’re doing.

Having said that, any method to protect your children is important and this is why I think it’s still a good system. Also remember that I only saw the 8-gun version. The 14 gun version has an electronic keypad. Maybe i’ll check out that one next!

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